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First Choir of the term!

I'm still buzzing from our first choir rehearsal of the term! We watched videos of some of the songs that I've chosen for us and about some other options that I want the choir to help me choose.
I have some new members - great!
I have lost a group of my older members - I think as not all of them want to continue, and therefore, as they are the older ones, there's a sense of 'peer pressure' to drop out. I am absolutely fine with them not joining me again - choir is extra curricular, so it's a choice to be in it or not, I'd never force anyone!- and you do need to love singing to love choir! However, I am sad as I think a couple of them love choir, but just feel they have to follow their friends. Possibly if your child is an older member who has dropped out, it might be worth you having a word with them to find out their reasons for dropping out and whether it's what they really want. Do let me know if I can help in any way.
However, I think with new members, and some children whom aren't in today but I think will be continuing, I'll still be close to 45, which I am SO thrilled about. Now I just need to turn them from little St Martin's angels, into Revolting Children, for our Matilda songs!
Mrs Rennison :)