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Visit from Hampshire Inspector and Advisory Team

Your children may have mentioned that we had a special visitor in school today. Mrs Barber is a member of the Hampshire Inspector and Advisor team and our LLP (Leadership and Learning Partner). In this role she has to carry out an annual monitoring visit and she has spent today working with Mrs Rennison and myself to look at the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school. As part of this, she spent time in every classroom and spoke to a number of the children about their learning. At the end of the visit, she has identified our school as low priority for support from the local authority. This means she believes that we are a good school and have the knowledge and expertise within school to accurately identify areas of strength and areas to focus on to continue to improve - the three actions identified in her report are all already included in our School Development Plan. She also identified lots of strengths including how adults support children, the way tasks are carefully designed to help children learn and they way the children collaborate and support each other with their learning, but for me what hit home most in her feedback was when she commented that is was really clear that St Martin's was 'a school that cares.' This sums up everything I feel is special about our school - everyone here, children, staff, parents, governors and the local community, really does care about each other and wants the very best for our children! I am currently feeling incredibly proud of everyone at St Martin's!