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Residential update thurs teatime

Residential update: I’m sorry - it turns out I’m really rubbish at updating Facebook when I’m actually on residential! So. We’ve had a great day. I woke many children up this morning rather than them waking naturally - the tiredness is really settling in! We had a brilliant breakfast - the hash browns are to die for - and everyone ate really well. It filed us for a cold but sunny day. The children have done more great activities like low level ropes, trapeze, and even the giant swing! They’ve been brave and pushed themselves - I’m super proud of them. We are just having dinner, which was pulled pork pies or roast chicken and lots of bits and pieces with it. The apple crumble went down well! This evening the childen think we are going to have a late night - but I’m about to disappoint them, as I need them actually awake to get on the bus tomorrow! We are off to do wacky races tonight. They’ve had an amazing time. They can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Mrs Rennison