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Tag Rugby!

Woohoo for tag rugby!
Today (in between open day presentations!) I went off to Burghclere School with 9 aspiring rugby players, for a tag rugby competition. It was SOOO good! I'm a tag rugby novice (cue ten minute's training from Mrs Bartlett before I left) but the children knew what they were doing. We played three matches, as there were four teams. We won two matches, and drew on the third! Plus, one team were a little intimidating - they just seemed to know a bit more about it and were more confident, scoring in the first minute of their match with another school - but we talked strategy and technique, and we managed to draw with them. I'm super-proud of them all - as always.
It's part of a league - so there are another three sessions coming over the next few months. I went today as I was the person that was spare to go, but I've just asked Mrs Bartlett to sign me up for the other three - I want to be there!
Well done to Isla, Luca N, Zach, Alfie, Gen, Rufus, Seb, James, Toby and Morgan for fantastic play today. I still don't know who the overall winner was, as we don't know what the outcome of some of the matches were, plus Mrs Bartlett tells me that it's a league, so actually, it may just be about an overall league winner at the end. However, results of today should be emailed to Mrs Bartlett tomorrow I think! We'll let you know when we know!
Mrs Rennison