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Judo presentation in worship today

NB no children were hurt in the making of these photos! :)
Today we were lucky to have Blair, who runs Judo Club, come to worship to talk to the children from upper and lower school. He explained the history of Judo, the types of throws and grabs that are used, and then (the best bit!) he showed us some judo moves, with the help of one of the children who currently does Judo Club. He also, just so you know, made it very clear to the children that the throws and grabs he showed the children, and indeed all judo, can only be practised on a judo mat with an instructor - I've made it clear to the children I don't want to see any judo moves on the playground or hear they have been doing them at home!
If your child is interested in joining judo, there are plenty of places for you to sign them up for the half term. The sessions are £5 each, running on a Thursday morning before school, from 8am to 8.45am. Children can join the first week after halfterm if they'd like to. Please contact the admin office if your child is interested.
Onegai shimasu!
Mrs Rennison