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Check - BPSM

Just a quick one. I'm collating children who would like to be involved in BPSM as per my post earlier in the week (and the letter that went home to Ys 3,4,5 and 6). I have several children interested which is great. I am aware there are a few die-hard choir members, that haven't signed up. That is absolutely ok - I made it clear there was a level of commitment, and there are rehearsals and therefore organisational stuff involved in getting them there, etc. However I just want to make sure there isn't anyone who didn't manage to get their form in but would like to be involved? If so, please let me or the admin office know. As I said, I'm still only submitting provisional numbers, so I will add a few in case, as I have to do that today - but do need to know if there is anyone else.
Thanks! Mrs Rennison