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and the tuck shop is..... OPEN!

And the tuck shop is..... OPEN!
Today the school council spoke to the whole school in worship, to let them know that our new tuck shop is up and running! It actually started today, but I don't think that all school council members managed to tell their class about it, and therefore there weren't many takers today, which is of course fine; the tuck shop is an optional thing! However, we spoke to all the children about it in case they were interested.
So, at break time everyday, children can bring 35p for one item or 70p for two (this is the maximum) and can purchase items such as fruit juice, a piece of fruit, vegetables like a chunk of cucumber or some carrot sticks, or a bread roll. Tuesdays and Thursdays, there will also be a cheese-topped half a roll as an option as well!
Children in YR, Y1 and Y2 will of course continue to receive a free piece of fruit or vegetables under the government scheme. However any child can purchase a snack.
We do ask that you send your child with the correct change where possible, as Sonia will be unable to make this work if she is constantly given e.g. £1 coins and asked for change - so please do send correct money where you can.
Thank you! Mrs Rennison