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A huge bag of worries

On Monday I took worship with the two lower school classes - Silver Birch and Sycamore. I read them a book called 'The Huge Bag of Worries' by Virginia Ironside. Many of you may already know it.. it's great at explaining that you mustn't keep your worries inside as they just get bigger, it's better to share them and let other people worry for you, etc. I decided to read this to them, as a couple of parents recently have let me know that their child is more anxious than normal currently.
Before I read the book, I asked the children to share with me what they worry about. I got a lot of what you'd expect; falling over, getting hit by a football in the face, going somewhere new. However there were also a lot of worries shared about covid. We can expect this too of course, based on the pandemic, but it surprised me how many. Children were worrying about getting tests, having pcrs, sticking things up their noses, having needles in their arms, testing positive, getting poorly.
I did as much reassurance as I could that most people just feel like they have a cold, and everyone we know through school has been mostly ok, and many with no symptoms at all. I also strongly encouraged the children to keep talking, to get their worries out, and we talked about all their trusted adults at home and at school that they can talk to.
I just wanted to let you all know what we've talked about in case the children have mentioned it at home.
Mrs Rennison