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Bukuya School

We are very pleased to have a special link with Bukuya School, our companion school in Uganda.
This link exists through the Whitchurch Deanery, and involves church schools in the local area being linked with church schools in the Mityana District in Uganda (west of Kampala). The links were established in 2006 and have continued to develop. 
At St Martin's we love to learn about our companion school and understand what life is like for the children of Bukuya. There are many ways in which we are similar, for example we all love to sing, and play football, and learn! There are also many ways in which we are different, such as the subjects we learn, the food we eat and the weather of course!
We have been involved in many fund raising activities and have been able to provide substantial support to Bukuya School. In the past, some staff from our school have visited Bukuya School, and vice versa. This has not been possible in recent years but we hope that one day it will be again. 
As well as learning from each other, at St Martin's it's important to us to think about other people and to help and support them where we can. We recently raised £1,500 for a new block of four latrines for Bukuya, which have now been built and are being used, not just by the school, but also by the church and the local community. We are thrilled to have made a difference in this way, and the School Council continue to think about what we can do for our friends in Bukuya.