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Residential update Wednesday evening

Residential update Wednesday evening:
Good evening everyone and apologies - I only just remembered that you needed an update. We had a great rest of the day. The children have done low ropes (think low to the ground go ape), raft building, jacobs ladder and climbing today. They’ve all got stuck in and I’ve seen several children push themselves past where they thought they could go.
Dinner went down well - chicken and potatoes and veg, or macaroni cheese, and chocolate crispy cake. Everyone ate a really good dinner!
We had a quiz this evening in the chill out room, and after a drink we headed for bed reasonably early - the tiredness is definitely settling in. I don’t reckon we made Mrs Bartlett’s 9.15pm but I reckon for most children, it was 9.30pm.
I’m certainly going to bed tired but happy - I’m super proud of the children today! Now if someone could PLEASE stop the rain for tomorrow…. Mrs Rennison