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First day back wobbles

Good morning everyone. It's great to have the children back into school today! However, we had a few wobbly children on arrival, who have, for several different reasons, found the return to school tricky; some because their teacher was off poorly in the run up to Christmas which made things feel unsettled, some because they actually rather be at home having more holiday time, and some due to differing levels of anxiety. All these reasons are perfectly understandable, and very normal, after two weeks of being at home, and especially understandable with so much uncertainty in the world right now.
If your child struggled to come in, please try not to worry. We have scooped them up and reassured them, and the classrooms are all settled now and children are all engaging with their school adults and their friends. We will continue to keep an eye on those that found it hard this morning as well. If we continue to be concerned about your child, we will talk to you about it - so please don't worry.
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison