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End of tests!

We are currently celebrating in school as we have just finished the very last official test/check/assessment that we have to complete with children this year. At St Martin's we strongly believe that a test is a one off snap shot of what a child can do - teacher assessments, based on what your child's teacher knows they can do, in a range of work over a period of time, are a far more reliable form of assessment. However as children grow and develop they will have to complete various tests and exams and we feel it is important to prepare them to do so in a calm way. Over the last few months the following children have completed the following tests:
Year 6 completed their SATs tests,
Year 2 completed end of Key Stage stage assessment papers,
Year 1 completed the phonics screening test,
Year 4 completed the multiplication check.
We will share your child's results with you as soon as we are able to but it will be towards the end of term before we receive the official results and we cannot share any information until everything has been confirmed.
The children have all worked incredibly hard to prepare for these - a huge thank you to everyone at home who helped them with this. They also did a great job of approaching the assessments in a positive way and staying calm and focussed. Well done everyone involved!
ALL DONE = woohoo!
Mrs Bartlett