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Sycamore reflections

A kind thought for first thing in the morning:
Yesterday I was teaching sycamore class and we were talking about the wordless book 'Where's the Elephant?' - this is lower school's current focus book, which is an environmental-based story about diminishing rainforest habitat. Three animals - an elephant, a parrot and a snake - lose their home and the end of the story is them in a boat on the way to a new island. We also talked about how the end isn't necessarily a completely happy one - as what if the new home they move to gets destroyed as well?
One of the children likened this to the situation in Ukraine, pointing out that the animals were like refugees just like the people having to leave the Ukraine. The children then went on to reflect on whether the refugees will find a better home where they move to - and they expressed sincere wishes that their lives will get better and they will be safe.
I felt (as usual) quite emotional - the children's empathy was as always astounding. I feel certain a better world is coming with this lot at the helm in the future... fingers crossed.
Mrs Rennison