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Residential Update Tuesday lunchtime

Morning all,
I can confirm that the breakfast was good, even if it was a little early - sausages, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, scrambled egg, beans and that's not to mention the cereal and the toast, and of course the coffee - although that was more me than the children!
We have a carousel of activities today and all groups are doing zip wire, sensory trail, abseiling and survival at different times. So far it is dry and we have all enjoyed our first activity and are half way through our second. I've included some photos below, both of the site we are staying in and off the activities this morning, to give you an idea of what your children have been up to.
Oh and I have just been told my our group leader that all the instructors have commented on just how polite and respectful our children are - but I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of you!
Fingers crossed it stays dry this afternoon.
Mrs Bartlett