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What a good day!

Good news!
We have had an amazing day. So much has been sorted/done/achieved that we are both feeling a little overwhelmed. Firstly, as you know, Vets4pets choose us for a charity day, and we had 6 wonderful people all day today. They have painted all our benches, and our planters, and our buddy bench - and even replaced the broken platform by our pond! It all looks amazing - photos attached. We are so grateful for the time and effort - I think you'll agree that we have really benefited.
We have also had a new gate fitted by our staff carpark - the old wooden one warped in the weather, so this is much more secure. We also have had a new tap fitted in the cherry playground - no longer will children precariously carrying water from in the classroom! - and have had electricians in doing an electrical survey - for which they said we were a good school with not too much too fix!
Phew. I think Mrs Bartlett and I need a glass of something after such a busy day - but what a great day. Mrs Rennison