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The Sleep Charity - courses for parents

This is just an FYI in case it's useful to any of you. I have had a couple of conversations with parents recently, where they have been concerned that either they don't quite have a secure bedtime routine, or their child doesn't/isn't sleeping as well as they'd like, and I wonder if this course could help:
At a SENCo meeting this week, an EP (Educational Psychologist) shared a website that she recommends (which means I trust it!). The website is the Sleep Charity. There is a foundation sleep workshop, and a sleep success workshop, both of which are open to parents/carers as well as professionals. The foundation course is £30, and is all online.
If anyone does take this up, please let me know how you get on with it!
I also have been given a booklet of information about sleep that is quite detailed, that I can email to you if you'd like it - please just either email the admin office to ask for it, or catch me on the gate in the mornings.
Mrs Rennison