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Y2 assessments - NOT SATs!

Good morning everyone,
Just a quick one. I have had several Y2 children say to me about doing their 'SATs'. In school, we don't use this term with the Y2 children - we call it end of year assessments. This is about minimising the importance of their tests - we keep things very low key, as although we have to get the Y2 children to sit the assessments, in recognition of their age, they are simply one form of evidence that informs our teacher assessments of what the children can do. The other reason not to call them SATs, is to distinguish them from what the Y6 children have just done - the process is very different and we would like to make sure the children know this. That way we can ensure the children's emotional wellbeing does not suffer and there is not too much importance placed on these assessments, when the children are only 7! (shhh they will still get cake when it's all over, but I haven't told them that so keep that a secret please!)
So, if your Y2 child talks about SATs, please do reassure them that it's not SATs, its just assessments, and we do lots of them all the time - and it's no problem at all! 
Mrs Rennison