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JRSOs on road safety

Earlier this week the JRSOs led a worship to talk to the children about how to keep themselves safe when out and about on the road. As part of this they talked about walking up the side of the road sensibly on the way to school. They discussed walking in 2s or 3s, with the adult on the outside nearer the cars, and making sure they were looking and listening for cars in order to keep themselves safe.
Please can I ask that you talk to your children about this and support them in making sure they are keeping to the side of the road when walking up to school. Please also keep an eye on your dogs - we had a near miss this morning involving a dog and car.
I know school drop off and pick up is always busy but the last thing any of us wants is for someone to get hurt. It may interest you to know we are not the only school that struggles with this - there has been an email thread between Basingstoke and Deane headteachers this week about traffic outside schools and based on some of what I have read we are incredibly lucky that everyone here is so careful on the road. Thank you for your continued help and support in keeping everyone safe!