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Leavers service tomorrow - tech ready!

Evening all,
Y6 parents. We are ready for the leavers’ service. I’m not going to lie - as you all know, technology is not the strong point of St Martins but, with a borrowed projector and screen, some random speakers found in Narnia (back of a cupboard), several laptops of varying degrees of workability, a cable from a governor and, in the end, a visit from our most trusted tech guy (Mr Rennison), we think we are ready to play the songs tomorrow. If the tech goes wrong... well, we tried, and you’ll get a copy of the songs anyway! About the songs - please be aware some children are on view more than others. That’s something that happens in most live performances too; front row, usually smallest in height, are seen most as they are at front. We only had a limited time with Jon recording, and our focus was quality audio, as I had no idea how to record sound outside with no wind getting in the way. The video was always an bonus... Also - children don’t stand where you tell them to, no matter how much you tell/cajole/demand/bribe with chocolate! So I’m sorry, but there are some children that are seen less than others. I hate that and in hindsight I’d have tweaked a few things during the recording.... but I hope you will all still enjoy the songs as one part of what will hopefully be a lovely service tomorrow.
See you then! Mrs Rennison