Welcome to Willow Class - Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Willow Class - Year 5 and 6.


Our teachers are Mrs Andrews, Mrs Andrew and Mrs Bartlett.


The LSAs who usually work in our class are:

Mrs Lovell (Monday – Friday mornings).


Thursday afternoon is our teachers' PPA time.  During this time our class is usually taught by Mrs Lovell and Mrs Hancock. 


We usually do PE on Monday and Wednesdays, but please make sure your PE kit is in school every day.


 Our current topic is ‘Raiders From Across The Sea'.  It is all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.


You can read about all the different things we are going to be learning about in our Curriculum Overview below.


Year 5 have a Homework Grid for the half term that tells you the different activities that we can choose from each week to complete. You can find our Homework Grid below.  During this term, Year 6 receive separate homework tasks to help them prepare for SATs.