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Art Gallery - Miss Saunders

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Art Gallery by Miss Saunders
Extra Information for Parents and Carers
As Miss Saunders explained, she is planning on creating a virtual gallery of the art work the children create and sharing it on our school website.  
If you would like your child's art work to be included, please take a photo of the art work and email it to your child's class email address before Friday 26th June.  It is completely up to you if you want to include your child in the photo, their name and/or their class.  However please be aware that whatever you include will be in the final gallery and will be shared on our school website on the internet.  If you email in a photo you are agreeing to that photo being shared on the internet.
Some of the children in school may produce a picture for this gallery while in school.  If they do, we will include a picture of their work, their first name and initial and class in the virtual gallery.  For safeguarding reasons, we will not include them in the photograph.  These children are more than welcome to also complete a picture at home for you to email in, if they would like to.
We hope your children enjoy this opportunity.