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This Week We Are Celebrating...
Week Ending: 8.12.23
Congratulations to everyone - we are all proud of you!
Average Merit Scores
House House Captains  Merit Points
South  Jack J and Holly C  80
West  Luca D and Lucy E  30
East  Josh C and Bo M-R  63
North  Imogen W and Tom A  46
School Value Awards
Courage Awards
Congratulations to:
Florence Z for being brave at the Pantomime even though she was worried.  Well done.
Pippa T for showing so much courage in our Nativity performances and singing a beautiful solo even though you were nervous, I am proud of you.
George B for showing courage during our Nativity and being brave enough to be the first  narrator and to start off the whole show.
Francesca A for showing courage during our Nativity performances and being brave enough to step out of her comfort zone.  Well done.
Matilda M for the courage to share her ideas, apply her learning and problem solve in Maths.
Friendship Awards
Congratulations to:
Jasper H for talking nicely to younger children in our school and always being kind to your peers.  We are very lucky to have you in Maple Class.
Creativity Awards
Congratulations to:
Respect Awards
Congratulations to:
Special Learning Awards
Perseverance Award
Congratulations to:
Concentration Award
Congratulations to:
Barnaby L  for always trying so hard with his learning and concentrating.
Reece L for working hard to improve specific aspects in your work and being able to fucus on your task.  Well done Reece, great attitude.
Teamwork Award
Congratulations to:
Resourcefulness Award
Congratulations to:
Isobel N for always being ready, calm and independent to get on with her learning even when the routine may change.
Curiosity Award
Congratulations to:
Reflection Award
Congratulations to:
Certificate of Achievement
Congratulations to:
Sound Out Words
Congratulations to:
Other Awards
Congratulations to: