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This Week We Are Celebrating...
Week Ending: 19.5.23
Congratulations to everyone - we are all proud of you!
Average Merit Scores
House House Captains  Merit Points
South  Jack J and Holly C  
West  Luca D and Lucy E  
East  Josh C and Bo M-R  
North  Imogen W and Tom A  
School Value Awards
Courage Awards
Congratulations to:
Mae C for being happy and relaxed and joining in with enthusiasm.
Friendship Awards
Congratulations to:
Creativity Awards
Congratulations to:
Lucie G for incredible writing skills and being highly creative with any task yo are set!  Your NCR was especially mind blowing! AMAZING writer.
Respect Awards
Congratulations to:
Mila T for always working so hard.  Showing respect for her learning, her friends and all adults.
Special Learning Awards
Perseverance Award
Congratulations to:
Toby R for working so hard during all aspects of your learning, you show perseverance through challenges and are becoming more and more independent in your learning.
Kiril V for working so hard and coming back after being poorly determined to try his best.  Well Done!
Isobel R for always trying her vey best in all of her learning.  You take on challenges with a smile and have persevered throughout the year and have made amazing progress because of it.
Concentration Award
Congratulations to:
Teamwork Award
Congratulations to:
Resourcefulness Award
Congratulations to:
William H for being able to change his plans in Discovery Time and coming up with new ideas.
Robyn G for always looking for ways to improve her work by seeking out a range of resources and applying her INCREDIBLE  writing skills for any task set.  You should be so proud Robyn.
Curiosity Award
Congratulations to:
Reflection Award
Congratulations to:
Certificate of Achievement
Congratulations to:
Sound Out Words
Congratulations to:
Other Awards
Congratulations to: