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Day 2 Evening Update

We have all just popped back to our rooms to shower/change our clothes/dry of before tea time. It stayed dry until about 4:00pm and then the heavens opened. However, the rain did not dampen our spirits. The children continued to embrace everything, support each other and wow everyone with what they are capable of - even when they were dripping wet!
I've attached some photos below to give you a flavour of what we have gotten up to today - canoeing, archery, a range of challenges in team building and, of course, the zip wire through the trees. I think many of you know my personal achievement last residential was the zip wire - this year I am incredibly proud of two arrows within the gold in archery - evidence included in the photos below!
Finally a bit a of a disclaimer. The children have all visited the shop either today or yesterday to spend their £10. We have tried to encourage them to spend it wisely and gently steered them towards the mementos rather than the fizzy drinks and sweets. However a number of children have still opted to buy sweets. I'm afraid the rule is that is they buy anything like that, they are not allowed to eat/drink it on residential and have to wait until they get home. I apologise now for any sugar highs as a result of this!