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Day 3 packing update

So I don't know how we managed it but we did - we made it to breakfast at 8:32, with all rooms clear and everything packed and ready to go - well nearly! When I did a final check I found two pairs of pants, several odd socks, a eye mask and several pencils. All have now been claimed - hopefully by the correct child. However, when you unpack if you find anything you don't recognise, please return it to school and we'll try to find the correct owner!
The children are currently enjoying their last 2 activities in glorious sunshine - what a lovely way to finish the residential. My group are currently all off around the site geocaching so I'm taking the opportunity to sort the last few bits for the coach and update all of you - oh and enjoy a coffee!
I'm afraid I have another apology to make. We usually write letters home. However we have been so busy over the last couple of days that we just haven't found the time to do it. The children have tried to keep a record of everything they have done, so hopefully they will be able to share it with you when they get home. There were a couple of children who got up early this morning and wrote letters in their bedrooms. Foxleases are going to put these in the post at lunchtime today, so they should arrive by the end of the week but I'm afraid there won't be the normal letter from every child.
If your child bought medicine away with them, it is now in their suitcase (with the exception of inhalers, the child who needs medicine at lunchtime and the travel sickness pills that we will dish out before the journey). I decided that this was quicker and easier than trying to hand it all back to you at the end of the day and safe as the suitcases are now all packed and put out the way so no one can get to them.
Finally - should any of your children tell you that I fed them cake at breakfast time today, I'm afraid there may be some truth to it! We had plenty left over (thank you to those Year 6 parents who sent in cake) and I decided a little extra sugar this morning might help keep them going!