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Food Donation Day - the results!

Food Donation Day update - I'm thrilled to be able to let you know (the children already know) the difference we made for the West Berks Food Bank on Friday, with our donation day.
With everything all put together and weighed, as a school, we donated 161kg of items, which roughly equates to 338 meals. WOW! Rosie from the Food Bank is amazed, and asked me to pass on her gratitude to our 'wonderful school community' for such an brilliant result. So - a huge thank you! NB I know a couple of people had forgotten and I think I said not to worry as we were going to run it once a month. I was remembering it wrong- we actually decided to run it once a half term, on the first Friday each time. That's still six times a year that there will be an opportunity to donate - and we plan next time to involve the local community as well. Mrs Rennison :)