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Keep smiling through the rain and wind and cold!

And the rain isn't stopping... and the wind... and it's cold...
It's a miserable day today and that can really affect our moods. Your challenge today is to stay positive, despite all the weather thrown at us (quite literally, in the case of the rain). Keep smiling and take time for some wellbeing focus if you and your family need it; sometimes we all just need some downtime.
Everyone has a spirituality assignment from Mrs Bartlett and I this afternoon, which I think is a nice wellbeing-y (!) activity and won't tax your brains, or those of your children, and can be done as a family if you have more than one child at our school, so maybe that will help.
Don't forget to reach out if you are struggling; you've got class email addresses, or headteacher@, or give us a ring, if you need some support.
Mrs Rennison