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Local charity collections resume!

We have again resumed our local charity collections!
It was lovely this Monday morning for Mrs Bartlett and I to be able to take children round the village to collect from our neighbours, for our charity collection point and our terracycling station. It's one of the things that of course we weren't able to do for such a long time, due to the pandemic and lockdown rules.
This time, we gave our Y6 children who have never been, the option to go, as they will of course soon leave us for secondary school and we wanted them to have the chance to take part, so we took 9 children in total, in two groups.
We were pleased to find lots of people in and pleased to see us, and many of our neighbours had collected for us - in fact, several neighbours had saved up e.g. a whole bag of bottle tops, because they'd been 'collecting for 18 months' for us!
We are so pleased this is part of the St Martin's traditions and are very glad we have been able to resume our visits :)
Mrs Rennison