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Logging on to google meets

Morning! last day - woohoo!
We had several queries about the google meet this afternoon, and several worried parents about being sure they can get in for the whole school worship today. So, here's a quick reminder:
Log in to google classrooms - if you can't find a link or don't have it saved as a favourite, you can use this link:
And click on 'go to classroom'.
Enter your child's username and password:
username - first name.surname, e.g. donald.duck@st-martins.hants.sch.uk 
password - Summer2021!
Then it should take you to your child's classroom. 
When you have done class google meets, you needed to click on the link at the top of the page when it went live. For the whole school one, the link will be posted at 1.15pm, but in the stream - that's main part of the classroom, where all the announcements and assignments show up. You will be able to just click on the link and then you should join. 
If you are worried, please do get logged in this morning, and then let us know if you have trouble, so that we can help sort it out before we get to the worship - when it gets to 1.15pm Mrs Bartlett and I will both be getting classes logged in and preparing for the worship so it's unlikely we'll be able to help you at that point.
Fingers crossed, we'll see lots of you this afternoon!
Mrs Rennison :)