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Mobile library

In our excitement to get the mobile library up and running again, we did not think to check the weather!  The current rain means that it is not possible to put books outside.  However we have set the mobile library up at the back of the hall.  If you would like to visit it and borrow books, please make sure that you:

1)      Are wearing your face mask when on school site,

2)      Make your way through the side gate to the doors at the back of the hall,

3)      Check that no one else is already at the mobile library.  If someone is already choosing books, please wait at the hall door.  If necessary please queue along the main path, maintaining social distancing.

4)      When it is your turn, please return any old library books to the quarantine box and help your children to choose a book from the selection, trying not to touch the books.  If you do touch a book that you do not want, please place it in the quarantine box beneath the table.

5)      Please make sure that you do not go past the tables that are in the hall and please try to avoid touching any of the equipment by the door to the hall.

When you return home, please email library@st-martins.hants.sch.uk to let us know the name of the books you have borrow.  If this address does not work this week, please email headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk.

Happy reading!