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Residential Day 1 update

I've just sat down with my second cup of coffee of the day - the first was at 6:45am this morning when I got to school! I think most of you know I survive on coffee, so the fact I am only managing to have my second cup now proves what a full on day it has been.
The children are currently all cuddled up in bed. I'm not promising they are all sleeping but it is definitely quiet - maybe we managed to wear them out today and they have all just crashed.
I promised you more info on what we have been up to. Your children have been amazing - they have approached everything with a positive attitude, got stuck in, pushed themselves and wowed themselves and the adults with them with what they have achieved - from children scared of heights who managed to climb the crates stack, to those that persevered with starting their own fire, to the whole group who accidently all ended up in the water at the end of their kayaking session - they have all been amazing.
We also enjoyed our circus skills session and night walk this evening - and even had a bit of a window moment when we spotted a stunning rainbow!
I have also had numerous comments from the staff here about how polite they are, how well they listen and what a great team they are!
I am hoping for more of the same tomorrow - as well as a little less rain!