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Woohoo - all children return to school 8th March!

We hope that you are as delighted as we are, at the news yesterday that ALL children can return to school on Monday 8th March. We cannot wait to see them all - Mrs Rennison and I are so excited - so much so, that it's only 9.27am and we have already recorded a worship for Monday, focussed on this news - including party poppers! :)
We have, as you'd expect, received a lengthy updated guidance document from the government, which we will need to read through and adapt our plans where necessary. Once we've done this, and before this Friday, we will email all parents and carers with what you need to know for Monday 8th. Once reading this, if you have any concerns or question, please get in touch - we know some of you may be anxious about the risk of schools returning, so as always, please keep talking to us so we can hopefully reassure you.
But for now, let's just celebrate the fact that ALL children will be back!