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Woohoo for Friday!

Woohoo for Friday! Three weeks down so we're half way to half term.
We just wanted to say well done for all you are doing, juggling family/work/google classrooms and everything else. We are hearing from lots of you that this lockdown already feels harder than the last; partly because of the weather meaning you can't get out and enjoy the fresh air as much. Please keep letting us know when you are finding things tough, so that we can help.
But let's talk positives: having worked through the stress of getting to know google classrooms, the issues with logging on, working out how to submit learning, and for us, how to mark and return it, making videos, etc - it now seems to be up and running smoothly. Every single child has submitted some learning, which we think is amazing. We also had more than 90% attendance at the google meets this week - wow! And finally - 26 members in our new virtual choir!
So, try to put the frustrations and stresses of this week behind you and focus on the positives - we prescribe a weekend of fun and relaxation for you all, as you've most definitely earnt it!
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison