A lovely surprise!

18th December 2020
I've just had a lovely surprise.  Do you remember that about a week ago I received a phone call from a lady in the village who just wanted to say how impressed she was with everyone at St Martin's?  Today she arrived at school with three boxes of celebration chocolates.  She wanted to give all the children something for Christmas as a thank you for everything they do for the village and for being polite, lovely children!  What a lovely thing for someone to do!
I'm afraid that I know that some of the children will not be able to have the chocolates because of allergies and other medical needs.  I'm really sorry but I do not have time to check allergy records or to provide alternatives.  Therefore, at the end of the day, I will stand by the gate with the chocolates.  If you are happy for your child to have a chocolate, they can collect one as you leave with them for Christmas.  If your child is not able to have one, I would really appreciate it if you could find a small treat for them when you get home - thank you for your support and understanding with this.
Take care,
Mrs Bartlett