And we're all in!

7th September 2020
We are thrilled to be able to say that EVERY child is in school today for their first day back to St Martin's! What wonderful news - we are so pleased to see them all. Mrs Rennison and I have just done a walk round and checked, and each class are settled and getting on already, even those few children that were a bit wobbly on arrival.
Just a quick reminder - there were a lot of people here well before half 8 this morning, which we know is because the children were keen! However it's important that arrivals don't start until half past 8; that way there won't be any social distancing issues, and also because the children need to go straight into classes on arrival but teachers won't be ready until the allotted times. Please can we also remind you that you cannot go into school buildings at all - if you need to pass a message, please either signal to a class adult, or email or phone the admin office. Thank you - we know there are a lot of new rules but we must follow the guidelines in order to try to keep everyone as safe as possible.
Have a wonderful day everyone - we sure will!
Mrs Bartlett