Careline - Care for the Family

23rd November 2020
Are you finding things tricky at the moment?
I have had conversations with a number of parents over the last week, who are struggling with one thing or another - some of it covid/lockdown related, some of it other issues - and who are finding it harder to cope right now. If you are feeling that way, please don't think you are the only one; I think this year is really starting to take it's toll on all of us! Talking to someone really can help. Mrs Bartlett and I will always offer a listening ear and do all we can to help, so please do reach out to us if you think we could help. However, sometimes, talking to a professional with experience in this area, might be a good idea. A parent has made me aware of this website, and I thought I'd share it, just in case it could help you personally, or someone you know:
Careline - Care for the Family. They parent support, bereavement support and marriage support but, under parenting support, would offer help if the lockdown or pandemic is adversely affecting you or your family. Do reach out to them if you think you need some support. Mrs Rennison