Children DO still get poorly sometimes!

10th September 2020
Children DO just get poorly sometimes..... :)
I had a couple of parents this morning at the front gate, who let me know that their child had a bit of a cold, but they'd checked their temperature and it was fine, they didn't have a cough, they didn't have any symptoms etc. That could happen to any of you during this time; we all know that children do get poorly, and 99.9999999% of the time, it won't be coronavirus!
We just wanted to reassure you all, that we fully get that children get ill sometimes and that it's absolutely fine for them to be in school as usual. It's helpful to let us know when your child is under the weather, so we can keep a watchful eye on them as we would always do; we wouldn't want to keep children in school that are struggling because they are poorly. But it also helps at this specific time, so that if we notice them looking a bit under the weather, we are forewarned with the knowledge that they've got a bit of a cold, etc. But please don't worry about telling us; we still absolutely want them in school!
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison