Children Settling in

8th September 2020
I just wanted to reassure those of you who might've had a child not quite so thrilled to be back in school today, on day 2. You are not alone!
Whilst most children bounced in this morning with a smile, a number of parents spoke to me, to say that their child wasn't quite so keen today. One child had even said they'd prefer to stay home and do home learning! It's no surprise, really, if we think that through; many children have loved being at home, and have become familiar and comfortable within their family bubble, even for learning. Whilst teachers are doing everything they can to make children feel happy in school, the inevitable return to getting up early in the morning, to lots of learning throughout the day, to following rules for everyone, to being one of many again, was always going to be a tough one for some children. They have, after all, for the most part, loved being with you! When you add to that the altered rules and procedures that we must have in place due to the virus, it means that, for some children, they weren't quite sure about day 2.
However, Mrs Bartlett and I did worship with upper school yesterday, and after talking about the changes, we asked them what was still the same. The first response was 'our school values', followed by 'we are still kind and we still care about each other', 'we are still learning' and 'we are all still friends'.
Not everything has changed - we still have lovely children!
If you are worried about your child settling, do talk to us; we can help.
Mrs Rennison