Christmas is definitely coming!

3rd December 2020
Exciting news - Christmas is definitely coming!
The new stage is up in the hall for the first time (and looks fantastic - a huge thank you to the School Association for funding this for us), the children have been practising their songs and sound amazing and we are ready to record for the DVD!
The plan is to film every class (in line with the current guidelines, we will clean the stage between each bubble) on Monday. Therefore, please can the children come to school dressed 'Christmassy' on Monday. This could be a Christmas dress, jeans and a Christmas jumper, a party dress, anything with a Christmas feel - please no princess dresses, superhero costumes or general role play outfits. Hair accessories are also fine (tinsel, reindeer ears or even an elf hat!) but please no face paint or hair dye.
Thank you!
Mrs Bartlett