Collective Worship - Reflection - Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison

20th July 2020
The staff film today is our last virtual collective worship (we hope!).  In it, Mrs Rennsion and I invite you to have a cup of coffee, tea or even a squash with us and reflect on the last year together.  When we watched it back we realised several things - firstly just how tired we both look (please ignore our large black eyes!) and also the fact that we have focused on the children's achievements before and during lockdown and have not celebrated just how amazing the children have been returning to school and how they have coped with all the changes.  If you watch it with your child at home, please can you make sure that if your child has come back to school you use one of the times when we ask you to stop the film and discuss things to talk about how well they did walking in on their own, remembering to wash their hands, remembering to keep 2m from everyone, getting used to sitting at their own desks, looking after their own resources and all the other changes that they have just taken in their stride.  The school staff will make sure they do the same, when they watch it with the children in school.
The song in our final worship of this year is One More Step, which is traditionally used at this time of year.  We have used the recording of our Year 6 children singing it - I know that you will be as impressed as we were with them.
When making this worship, both Mrs Rennison and I, realised just how much everyone in the school community has achieved this year.  We have all faced challenges that we couldn't have even imagined in September and we have all had to find new and different ways of doing things.  We can not thank you enough for all your help and support through this time. The children, in particular, have shown just how adaptable, resilient and resourceful they are, and have done it all with a smile on their face - we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.