Glorious sunshine - stay positive

25th March 2020

Morning everyone!

I am hoping you are all finding ways to enjoy this glorious sunshine. As I drove into work today, everywhere looked so springlike, and so the first thing I did when I arrived was walk the school site. Blue skies, green fields, sheep baa-ing, birds tweeting... its really beautiful out there.
I think I had a doubly spiritual moment - a window moment, thinking about the beauty of the world and the area where I work, and then a beyond moment... stick with me here!... I got to wondering if all this sunshine is God's way of letting us know that everything will be ok. Or maybe it's Mother Nature keeping an eye on us! We'll all have different opinions of course... but I know I felt better taking in some sunshine and remembering that at some point, this will all be over.

I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine at some point today, and maybe you could encourage your children to use their Spirituality Kit and think about any moments they may have, and share them with us!
Mrs Rennison