Good News at St Martin's!

5th August 2020
The sun is shining, Mrs Rennison and I are in working together and we are feeling cheery, with lots of good news!
The fence man is finally here to start fixing both the front and back fences; Mr and Mrs Hop have been fixing our carpark gate and refreshing the ball wall with a new coat of paint (thank you the Hops!); the gladioli are blooming in the playground planters.
And, most excitingly, our IT service are in, considering where to install something exciting... in all the commotion of the end of term, we don't think we told you, but last year's Y6 children and parents kindly gifted the school a new whizzy wireless camera bird box! Photos of this to come once it's installed, hopefully somewhere in the nature area, and we will then be able to view the camera footage live through an app. We are so excited, and we thought your children might be too!
Mrs Bartlett