Goodbye to the Y6 parents and other school leavers!

30th July 2020
I'm sorry to have to say goodbye on our Facebook page, to a number of parents, whose children have now left us - as this is a closed group for parents and carers of current children, I have to remove you from the group. However we will miss you - thank you for being part of our facebook group!
So from our Y6 parents, I'm afraid it's goodbye to Jon Philo, Suzi Marie, Katherine Knight, Daniel Knight, Alison George, Anita Hatton, Jules Steel and Caroline Cole. 
Any other Y6 parents - you either have children still in other year groups, or you are a member of staff!
We also have to say goodbye to Emily Astor, Juliette Howard and Claudia Lawson, whose children have moved on to other schools. We are so sorry to see you go.
And, a final goodbye, goes to Henrietta Garrety, one of our governors, who has unfortunately had to step down from her post, having been with us for a long time. Thank you Hen, for everything you have done!
I will remove you all from the Facebook page tomorrow afternoon - I thought I'd just give you warning. Take care, everyone. From everyone at St Martin's, we wish you all lots of luck for the future.
Mrs Rennison