Home Prayer Spaces?

2nd April 2020
Good morning everyone,
Yesterday, whilst I was in school, I walked past our Prayer Wall, and it reminded me how important prayer is at our school. We talk a lot in school about prayer being not just a way to talk to God, but also an outlet for how we are feeling, and another tool in our wellbeing toolkit. I added a prayer of my own to our prayer wall and have attached a photo of my prayer and of the Prayer Wall itself.
It made me think - I wonder if any of our children might like to make their own prayer space at home? I fully understand that for some children, this may not interest them at all, but I know many St Martin's children for whom this may be an added comfort during this time. A prayer space has no rules! You could add a cross that you have or that you make, a bible if you have one, you could put a candle there (thinking safety of course!), or a picture that you love, and anything else you think would fit well. Then add your prayers to it. And of course, everyone has their spirituality kit too. But a prayer space can be anything you want it to be.
A project idea, maybe?
We'd love to see pictures of any prayer spaces, if any are made! You could post pictures on here, or email them to headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk if you'd like to share them privately with us.
Mrs Rennison :)