House Captains

22nd September 2020
House Captain Elections
Last week the children in Year 5 and 6, who wanted to be house captains had the opportunity to film a short speech to try to convince the rest of their house to vote for them. These films, which were amazing, were then shared with the rest of their house, in their bubbles, and everyone was given the opportunity to vote for the person in their house they felt would do the best job. Having carefully counted the votes (and I had to be very careful as it was a very close run thing in places), I am delighted to announce that the following children will be our house captains this year:
North House - Libby and Sebastian
South House - Josh and Holly
East House - Katy and Danik
West House - Isabelle D and Isla.
Congratulations to all of them!
All of the children who wanted to be house captains did an amazing job with their films and should be incredibly proud of themselves, even if they were not successful.
Badges will be given out in Upper School Celebration worship on Friday, but unfortunately, due to current guidelines we are not allowed to invite parents and carers, as we usually would.
Mrs Bartlett