How lucky am I!

10th June 2020
I just wanted to share with you all how lucky I am feeling today!
My worship this week, posted yesterday, was all about how I have felt in lockdown and how, at times, I've felt sad, worried, a bit upset etc. I then talked to the children about how I decided to count my blessings; it isn't all doom and gloom, I promise!
Miss Cooper showed the worship to her Y1 children this morning, after which I received a package! Apparently the children were concerned afterwards that I was sad, and chose to all make me a card to cheer me up! Any guesses what I did when I opened my package? Yep - it made me cry, but they were happy tears - I certainly am cheered up! I am currently feeling very special, and more than a little emotional. What fantastic children we have at St Martin's.
Mrs Rennison