Monthly Charity Collection success!

2nd November 2020
Mrs Bartlett and I have just finished taking round the school council on our monthly collection for our charity point, from our local residents - and it was a very successful visit!
This time, Mrs Bartlett took the school council members from upper school and I took the members from lower school. We went opposite ways around the village. Many residents had saved us lots of bottle tops, ink cartridges, foreign currency, stamps and crisp packets, with one resident even running home to get his collection as he was out visiting a neighbour when we went by! We even had a resident explain that the huge bag of bottle tops and stamps she'd left on her doorstep for us were from not just her, but her WI group as well, all of whom are now also collecting for us. Isn't that amazing!
The children were great at thinking about social distancing when knocking on residents' doors, in order to keep them and us safe.
We can't collect during the anticipated forthcoming lockdown, but as we try to go on the first Monday of every month, the next date that we should be taking a different groups of children, would be December 7th, so hopefully we will still be able to go.
Mrs Rennison