Mrs Bartlett's extra extreme read photo!

11th August 2020
I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and making the most of the sunshine - although I have to confess that today was too hot for me - and I like the sun!
I have spent the day sorting things out, including working through various old to do lists, clearing out my emails and sorting through things saved on the school mobile. Whilst doing this, I came across the photo below of me reading in a tree. I don't think I ever shared it, but inspired various children's examples of extreme reading, I spent several days of looking for trees that I might be able to climb and read a book in - clearly I am not as agile or as brave as many of our children were, but this is definitely me in a tree, reading! It did make me think back to the start of lockdown and only being able to leave the house for very limited reasons, including daily exercise and the time spent with my family walking in local woods - it feels a very long time ago now!
I thought I'd share it now, in the hope that it makes some of the children smile!
Mrs Bartlett