News from Bukuya

3rd July 2020
A Message From Bukuya
As Mrs Rennison shared with you recently, we have been in contact with Bukuya school via email to try to find out how they are coping at the current time. We were delighted to receive the email below from Florence, one of the teachers at Bukuya. Some of our older children may remember Florence from when she visited St Martin's in 2015.
I greet you in the name of Jesus. How is St Martin's? I am Florence from Bukuya school. I am a teacher. I teach primary two class.
I was at St Martin's in 2015 and received a warm welcome!!
Did you start working? This way we are still in the lockdown and we don't know when to work because the government wants to stop the disease first.
We live a hard life because we used to keep at school but now we spend all the time at home.
By the time I came there, I had no child but now I have one daughter called Grace.She is now 1 year and 5 months
Greetings to St Martin's community.
You are always in our prayers and remembered,
With love