Our School Prayer

24th April 2020
Our staff film today is something a little different.
A number of staff have helped to make a film of our school prayer.  You can find it on the curriculum section of this website.  One of the last jobs Mrs Rennison and I did before the impact of Coronavirus was to complete some pupil conferencing focussed on our school ethos.  As part of this we asked children from every class what made St Martin's School special - the number of things they mentioned was amazing, but our school prayer was mentioned a lot.  The children felt it really reflected the school, made them feel connected and was special because 'we made it ourselves'.
I'd like to thank Mr Doyle for the original idea, Mrs (and Mr) Rennison for organising and editing it and everyone who agreed to contribute to it.  We hope the children enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!
Mrs Bartlett