Rainbows of Hope

25th March 2020
Afternoon everyone,
When Mrs Bartlett and I spoke on the phone this lunchtime, we had both had had the same idea separately, so we have decided it must be a good one, and we wanted to share it with you all!
Rainbows have quickly become a symbol for hope during this challenging and difficult time. Mrs Bartlett has already put up a rainbow on the board outside school, made by the children in school on Monday. Rainbows are popping up all over the place, usually designed and made by children of course, and are making people smile, which can only be a good thing. 
We wondered about the possibility of having more rainbows outside school, on the school fence, to brighten up the local area! Your child could make or paint a rainbow picture, or find some rainbow coloured ribbons, or anything else creative, with a rainbow theme! Anything painted or made would need to be covered to withstand the weather if it rains of course. You could laminate, cover in sticky backed plastic, or even selotape! Then you could use drawing pins/cable ties/ribbon to attach that picture to the school fence.
Obviously, it is vitally important that we all adhere to the lockdown procedures that have been put in place, and we are absolutely not suggesting you go against these rules - we must be really clear about that. However, if you are passing school anyway on your one daily walk/run/cycle because you live in the local area, or if you are driving past on your way to shop for basic necessities, you could perhaps then attach your rainbow art to our school fence, during your journey. If you do so, please can we ask that you adhere to social distancing regulations, just in case any local residents are walking by, there is already someone else doing the same thing, etc.  
If you are unable to do any of these things, your child could still complete some artwork, and you could then take a photo of your child's artwork, and email it to headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk and we could print and laminate them here. 
We hope that some of you might be able to contribute something rainbow-y in some way, to help keep our school a ray of sunshine and hope!

Thinking of you all,
Mrs Rennison and Mrs Bartlett